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  • DTB’S M&A team assists Looping Group in all aspects of Istralandia Aquapark acquisition

    Looping Group (regional leisure parks), the leading European operator of amusement and leisure parks, has successfully acquired one of largest aquaparks in Croatia and Southern Europe.

    The Group was established in 2011 and soon became the European leader in the regional market of leisure parks. Its portfolio includes 17 parks of four different types (aquariums, animal parks, amusement parks and water parks) located throughout Europe, including France, Switzerland, the Netherlands, UK, Spain, Portugal, Germany, and Croatia. The Group’s acquisition of Aquapark Istralandia is expected to increase the annual traffic up to 5.7 million visitors. Looping has thus established its presence in Southern Europe and expanded its portfolio with respect to outdoor water parks, in line with the Group’s strategy. Keeping the strong local anchorage of the park, Looping plans to carry on the story of Istralandia Aquapark and support its development with the same entrepreneurial DNA and values.

    “We are delighted to bring on board a talented management team which will enable this water park to become an increasingly attractive family destination and a new flagship site within Looping in South Europe,” Stéphane Da Cunha, Managing Director and co-founder of the Looping Group, added.

    DTB’s M&A team comprising Mr Damir Topić as the senior partner and Ms Dina Salapić and Mr Dominik Glavina as attorneys-at-law, assisted the client in all aspects of the acquisition.