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  • DTB adopts Green Office Action Plan

    ESG initiatives have become a strategic imperative for nearly every organization, and the legal sector is no different. Divjak Topić Bahtijarević & Krka Law Firm, with the support and co-financing by EBRD, had Dvokut-ECRO Ltd, a consulting company providing environment and nature protection services, develop a Green Office Action Plan for the Firm. The primary objective was to achieve a positive impact on the environment through energy savings and by efficient use of resources as well as to promote sustainable practices by increasing employee environmental awareness.

    The baseline analysis showed that DTB is already following a number of Green Office guidelines. By further improving and refining these practices, the project has resulted in an additional reduction of DTB’s carbon footprint and overall environmental impact.

    We are proud to be at the forefront of such activities in the legal sector in Croatia!