The first ppp model of public garage development in Zagreb

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"The City of Zagreb has so far built garages with its own funds , and this will be the first garage project of public-private partnership" said Mayor Milan Bandic during yesterday’s presentation of the public garage development in Klaićeva under a PPP model, one of the first such projects in the Republic of Croatia.

This EUR 30 m investment will be supported by EBRD and will include the renewal of a high school playground, construction of a gym, and development of new commercial facilities.

The idea of building a garage in the street Klaiceva is more than 10 years old, but this time other publicly available facilities will be included in the garage project. The City of Zagreb is supported by a foreign consulting company and a local law firm, and their combined experience should make additional room for a successful completion of the project.

The garage will have at least 350 parking spaces and an underground passage connected to the Children's Hospital in Klaićeva; the gym will be partially built underground due to zoning restrictions, while the commercial area 4000-5000 square meter used pursuant to investor’s designs.​